I like Japan.

But there is a point to this post.

In Gr5, I make all the videos for CWW (I and II), opening week, activity day, Sports Day (for MS) and other events. I started this because I had a personal interest in audio/video creation…and was looking for an excuse to go beyond just making iMovies. The skills I develop in my own time through making videos can be transposed over to my school work and vice versa.

I think using technology in your own life is a good way of modelling technology use to your students. Students have to see that technology isn’t just ‘for fun’ or just ‘for work’, but the two can be combined. When I started a 1 to 1 iPad program, most students only saw the iPad as a ‘games machine’. As the year progressed, they also started using the skills we learned in class at home, creating their own content and taking things further than class. This only made their skills stronger for when they returned and continued to use those skills in school. We always learn more when having fun and using technology the way we want to, owning our work.

The videos linked are some of my own videos, which show my development of editing, using titles and exploring different transitions (a big step up from iMovie.) The last two videos are some of the first I made at school. I started with a GoPro 4 and a Theta 360 camera. I now have a GoPro 7 and the Insta One X 360 and have upgraded to Filmora Wondershare 9. Which goes to another important idea of technology, the more you know, the more you want….and the more you want, the more you want (need?) to keep up with the newest gear. As you become more comfortable with what you are using, you will see the limitations and want to progress further. I am currently exploring the best way to use the Insta or GoPro to make ‘bullet time’ or centriphone videos.

first 360 camera

4 thoughts on “Japan

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen a 360 camera before! Was that a student operating the camera? I’m curious as to what you see the value of it to be in for students inside and outside the classroom- perhaps more awareness of what is in their shot?


  2. It’s great that you are doing what you’re teaching. Teaching your students about how to use technology for fun and for work, and actually doing it and showing your students. Great way to connect with this generation of students and tap into their interests. Having them see technology as a tool for learning, self-expression, and communicating with others instead of viewing technology as purely a source of entertainment. I’d like to try doing that in my classroom somehow. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Hi Rob šŸ™‚
    I graduated HS just as technology was booming and students were being taught how to use Adobe Photoshop and how to create movies. I wish I was a student again and had a teacher like you because I think being knowledgeable/creative in film/video editing is a great skill to have.
    I watched your videos, you captured the culture/vibe of each place and event very well… I almost felt like I was there! Haha!
    Thank you for sharing your work and process!
    P.S. I think you’re an excellent snowboarder!


    Hi buddy. Great post about your how your personal desire to improve your audio-video skills helped propel your professional skills and vice-versa. When you are passionate about something because it is fun and sparks curiosity you are that much more inclined to want to do more and get better.
    While technology and audio-visual skills are not my passion I do appreciate the time and effort it takes to make something worth watching. Just making our podcast with Jackson was a new challenge for me, but when it was all said and done, I had a lot of fun and wouldn’t mind doing it again as I am sure there would be progress from my first to second, second to third, until I am hooked and have a podcast I can’t help but publishing and end up becoming a world-famous podcaster… one can dream right?
    I really enjoyed your videos and seeing the progression of your skills as time wore on. I especially enjoyed the “CWW Grade 5 Teaser” video as I teach that cohort of students this year! It was so funny to see them as fifth graders compared to how I know them now as Eighth Graders! Can I show that to them during an assembly some time? I think they’d get a kick out of it.
    Thanks for the post DJ! And if you ever want to make another podcast, let me know. šŸ˜€


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