Bullet Time Effects for Video

Everyone remembers the bullet time effect from the movie The Matrix. It’s a slowed down 360 effect where the camera moves around the subject. Of course, it wasn’t called bullet time then (or at least wasn’t to me), but the term gained popularity in video games like Max Payne and the effect is now regularly seen in all kinds of video games and movies.

Quick History of Bullet Time

It’s something that looks really cool, whether it’s from the old Speed Racer tv show, or the Matrix…and up until now, it took a lot of work to make the effect work. Fortunately, there is a new camera that can do it for you with one simple app.

The Insta 360 One X is a 360 camera, much like the Ricoh Theta brand of cameras (which were my go to for 360 cameras in the past.) The Insta 360 One X, which is an upgrade from the Insta 360, can capture 360 footage for videos, pictures, has ‘small world’ effects and can the app can be used to create tracked and panned camera angles to make a stunning and creative video.

Two things really set this camera apart from it’s competitors, and they both have to do with the selfie stick. The first is the stick itself, which has a bullet time attachment, allowing the camera to be swung around overhead (even if it looks a little silly while doing it.) The second is the software itself, which then recognizes the selfie stick and edits it out in post production. Add a little slow motion and tracking into the video…and you have a bullet time effect which will amaze your friends!

Check it out.

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