Screencast – How To Filmora!

I made a screencast about how to make a simple video using Wondershare Filmora 9. The software I used was Open Broadcast Software. It was very straight forward and easy to use. I then did some post production edits in FIlmora.


After finishing the screencast I have three major reflections.

  1. Noise – Before recording my screencast, I did a test run to make sure everything was ok. I tested the microphone and screen and uploaded my test to YouTube to make sure everything was working and sounding ok. However, in my screencast I use the keyboard. I usually use headphones when working on my computer and I noticed when finished that when I press the spacebar it sometimes sounds like I’m slamming my hand down on the keyboard. It probably didn’t help that my microphone was close to the keyboard as opposed to up on the monitor like where most people have it. I thought about redoing everything, but it was already all finished….. So next time!
  2. Timing – I have never experienced this before, but in Filmora this time, the timing seemed off. It was the same thing we experienced with the podcast, only opposite. In Filmora, it showed the total time of the video being 35 mins, and 12 minutes until I finished the basic video sections; which is one of the reasons I cut the rest short. However, when I uploaded to YouTube, it was only 5 minutes until that point. Had I known that, I might not have cut it short. I’m not sure why this happened. It’s something to be aware of, but if I was doing a real screencast, I would continue the tutorial until it was finished.
  3. Video size – My screencast was my entire monitor and I have a 34″ monitor. I’m not sure if it was the screen size, or the resolution or something to do with the file size of the video, but the file would sometimes glitch. Maybe next time, just record a breakout window of _part_ of the monitor….or get a better video card/RAM.

One last thing, I actually made a mistake in the video. I say that the first video was recorded with my GoPro7 and the second with the Insta. Of course, both were recorded with the Insta, only in one it is saved as 9:16 format and the other is saved as 16:9 format. But the point remains, that Filmora takes whatever video you upload and makes it work.

The final video….

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