Post Class Reflection

I enjoyed the class. I liked that we had time spread out over weeks to complete all the activities…though I also didn’t like it lasting a month! haha.

But the classes were interesting and the activities useful. I think I had a high degree of understanding going in, but the course forced me to do some things which I had never done before, but always wondered how to do. (The podcast and screencast.) The screen cast was the most useful for me and in the software I used, you could have a screen within a screen (so a video of you talking while the main part of the video was the screencast.) This is just like a I see a lot of YouTubers do, so it’s good to know I can do this now too! The Pecha Kucha was an interesting way of delivering content. I don’t know if I would use it exactly as it was, but maybe change the timing of the slides to 15 seconds, or add some extra here and there. It was interesting to see how everyone used it though and I think it’s a good tool for presentations.

Another thing I liked about the class was the interaction between students. The conversation we had on copy write ideas and always sourcing your work was very interesting. Coming from a DJ background, I am well familiar with ‘stealing beats’, making samples, or creating mixtapes. I also come from a DJ age before MP3s and am a strong believer in paying for content, such as music. (It’s an interesting juxtaposition, that while I always bought my music, I had no problem making mixtapes or mix cds which I would then sell (and give no proceeds to the artists whose music I had used.) ) It was very interesting listing to everyone’s point of view and it made me think more about all the content I use in my daily life.

All in all, as I said, I enjoyed the class. Maybe in the future you could have a green screen component. It’s also something I already know how to do, but it might be quite useful for some teachers, especially those in the ES.

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